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Strategic Enterprise Solutions Merges to Create Accerion Partners


Strategic Enterprise Solutions, founded by Craig Janusz, will merge with Accerion Partners to create a dynamic new firm with expanded capabilities.  Focusing on Western Michigan’s rapidly growing business environment, Accerion Partners will provide quick access to senior executive skillsets and execution abilities on as needed or on-demand basis.  “The key is to drive immediate impact, which allows a current executive team to keep focus on the daily operational tasks at hand,” said Janusz. “This merger brings a wider set of services and skills to the market, adding to the COO services currently provided by Strategic Enterprise Solutions, and providing CRO and CHRO services and tools as well.”

“We are really excited to have Craig bring his considerable talent and executive expertise to this new venture,” said Phil Spinelli, founding partner at Accerion Partners.  “Craig has a wealth of knowledge in scaling businesses and is a certified Gazelle coach. He successfully brought to scale a manufacturing company in the Plastics Industry, which he then went on to sell to a major competitor.” 

Accerion Partners will operate out of Holland, Michigan, whichwas recently named the “Best Small City to Start a Business” in a study from the leading personal finance outlet,  You can find the full study here.

Accerion Partners is a boutique consulting and coaching firm.  Accerion Partners provides access to unique senior executive skills and experience to mid-market, nonprofit and privately held / family-owned companies, allowing them to form and execute detailed value enhancement strategies.

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