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Next Chapter Manufacturing (NXCMFG) Continues to Deliver Amazing Results

 Scaling from proof of concept to industry leader 

Accerion Partners is excited to be working with NXCMFG to develop a plan to scale the company at an even more accelerated rate. We will also be assisting the NXCMFG CEO Jason Murphy as he works to procure his next round of funding. In a very short time NXCMFG has moved from a proof of concept to an industry leader, providing next generation tooling solutions using additive manufacturing (3D metal printing). In a market where technology has generated a lot of interest, for example Desktop Metal recently raised $160 million in additional funding, NXCMFG has been quietly delivering outstanding results.

As highlighted in Plastics Technology Magazine, NXCMFG customers are routinely seeing:

  • Radically reduced cycle times (20-80% reduction in processing time in plastics)

  • Increased Product Quality improvements, NXCMFG eliminates common plastic defects that lead to high scrap rates and waste (typically $5,000-$100,000 per line per year)

  • Significant Operational cost savings, a typical client saves $20,000 to $250,000 per year per production line

  • Time to market reduced by 5X (delivery measured in days not weeks or months).

We look forward to working with NXCMFG and helping them achieve the next level of success!


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